10/15/2019 Unknown Suspect Wanted for Felony Hit and Run 

10/10/2019 Unknown Suspect Wanted for Arson 

10/08/2019 Grantville Area Homicide 

10/01/2019 Suspects Wanted for Assault With A Deadly Weapon 

09/24/2019 Suspect Wanted for Vehicle Burglaries 

08/28/2019 Information Needed on Suspicious Death

08/27/2019 Suspect Wanted for Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

08/08/2019 Chollas Creek Area Homicide Suspect 

08/08/2018 Suspect Wanted for a Residential Burglary 

08/08/2019 Suspects Wanted for a Commercial Burglary 

08/01/2019 Suspects Wanted for Two Commercial Armed Robberies 

07/10/2019 Suspect Wanted for Assault with a Deadly Weapon 

07/10/2019 Suspects Wanted for Felony Battery & Robbery 

06/28/2019 Wanted: Pacific Beach Homicide Suspect 

06/19/2019 Lincoln Park Area Homicide Reward Increased 

05/16/2019 Suspects Wanted for Credit Card Fraud 

05/09/2019 Suspect Captured For Felony Battery

05/07/2019 Suspects Wanted for Burglary 

04/27/2019 Wanted: Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run in San Marcos 

04/23/2019 Media Advisory: 2019 Enough Is Enough Luncheon and Awards Ceremony 

04/18/2019 Suspect Wanted for Felony Assault 

04/11/2019 Suspects Wanted for Felony Assault 

04/07/2019 Wanted Inmate for Escaping from Jail 

04/05/2019 Suspects Wanted for Elder Abuse & Financial Fraud 


04/02/2019 Suspects Wanted for Armed Robbery

03/29/2019 Suspect(s) Wanted for Felony Vandalism and Throwing Objects at Vehicles 

03/27/2019 Suspect Wanted In Carjacking

03/22/2019 Suspect Wanted for Sexual Assault

03/19/2019 Suspect Wanted for an Attempt Kidnapping 

02/26/2019 Suspect Wanted for Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft 

02/14/2019 North Park Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Robbery 

02/05/2019 Suspect Wanted for Commercial Armed Robbery 

01/23/2019 Suspects Wanted for Commercial Armed Robbery

01/22/2019 12 Year Anniversary of the Unsolved Homicide of Romel Velarde 

01/17/2019 Suspects Wanted for Commercial Armed Robberies 

01/17.2019 Mount Hope Area Homicide